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Stereo Electret Mic Pre-amplifier Using TL072


It is based on circuit given at article "Simple Stereo Electret Microphone Preamplifier" and I made some modifications.


We can connect dynamic mic as well using the adapter circuit give at here.


Gain is set by R7 and R8 in right channel and R9 and R10 in left channel. In each channel gain will be

Replacing 3.3K resistors with 1.5K resistor will increase gain to 23. I tried it but it was too loud.

I built it and it worked great in my testings. You may need to adjust the gain to suit your needs. I used both TL072 and NE5532, both worked same for me and I could not find any difference.

Board Layout

Given below is board layout suitable for perfboard using through-hole components.

Board I built.