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Schmitt Trigger Oscillator

We can build oscillators with Schmitt-trigger based circuits. Schmitt-triggers ICs like 40106, 40014, and 74HC14 are available and can be used for the purpose.

Here is a precalculated list RC pairs to select.

Low Frequency 4.7 MΩ220 uF1.2 mHz
1 MΩ100 uF12.0 mHz
10 kΩ10 uF12.0 Hz
Medium Frequency 2.2 MΩ22 nF24.8 Hz
100 kΩ100 nF120.0 Hz
2.2 MΩ1 nF545.5 Hz
High Frequency 1 MΩ1 nF1.2 kHz
100 kΩ470 pF25.5 kHz
10 kΩ47 pF2.6 MHz